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Notes . . . Written On Water

. . . or: Life Gives No Spoiler

Chocolate H.-D.
17 March 1980
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I'm German, 32, a journalist currently living and working in London (and Duesseldorf), collecting plushies, and in love with -- and possibly addicted to -- the internet. There's although a lot of love for traveling -- thanks job! -- and of course reading fanfiction or other things like -- gasp! *g* -- books on too-long flights or waits at the airport or whenever I find the time, really. Writing fiction is a welcomed contrast to the stuff I usually get to write, and I've been doing it long before I knew anything about LJ. I'm all for slash and co., so be aware that this is a topic that might come up here from time to time, too. In the beginning this was all about keeping in contact with family and friends from all around the world. It's how I got talked into getting a LJ in the first place. Now, I use it mostly to keep up with fandoms as well as a place to share fanfiction, icons, etc. and to comment on other people's works. There might also be the every now and again SPOILER post.
SPOILER Policy: Friending Policy:
Spoiler -- no matter for which show and/or movie -- will always go behind a cut and with a proper warning attachted. If you wish to take a spoiler, go ahead. Just leave me a comment where it goes and add a link back to the post.
N o t e: Keep in mind that names, places, episode titles and the like, even plot points, are always a subject to change. Nothing is 100% until the episode is shot. Kepp also in mind the, for a show's first season, production labels a pilot 1.00 where fans may use 1.01. I'm more likely to use the production-#, but I will try to mention this in the actual post anyway.
Truth is, I don't really have one. If you want to friend me, go ahead. Most posts will be public anyway, as well as SPOILER posts and press releases for various things. RL stuff is mostly f-locked, so if you want me to friend you back, tell me why you'd like to be friends. If it's just because we have a show in common, great, just tell me, so I know there's a real human being on the other side. Either via PM or in a comment to a public post. I'm not picky. :)
If I friend you, it's most likely because I'd like to read/follow your fanfic and/or icon posts.
Current Shows: Be Well . . .
Stargate: Atlantis. Generation Kill. The Vampire Diaries. Merlin (BBC). Gossip Girl.
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